Zeochem Anticorr was established to supply all types of acid resistant brick & tiles requirement and is exclusively engaged in the manufacture and export of a wide range of Acid & Alkali Resistant Bricks & Tiles in Gujarat, India. Quality and precision are the two main functionalities that have stabilized in our quest to produce bricks and tiles to perfection. The range of acid-resistant bricks and tiles is very compatible with any type of industry, as they act as a preventive against environmental degradation. These bricks are highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, acids, and alkalis. In places where acid attacks are common, such as the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food and beverage industry, it is in great demand. Our manufacturing engineers rely on modern innovations and technologies to produce a variety of bricks and tiles, which are very well received by people in every way. The offerings involve self-leveling epoxy floor, corrosion-resistant brick, epoxy screed liner, and carbon brick. We have adhered to universal quality standards during tile manufacture to make them acceptable to industrialists around the world. The capabilities and usage properties of the bricks and tiles we manufacture have brought us a wide range of industrial customers in Kuwait. One-stop selling and experience of high-quality products have led us to export a wide range of these acid-resistant bricks and tiles to almost all major cities and locations in Kuwait. Customers appreciate our products for their effectiveness and long-term use. Then do not hesitate to contact us for any type of support for acid resistant tiles in Kuwait as we are waiting to cater to you with the best products as per your required preferences.

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