Zeochem Anticorr serves all type various type of industries plants with them expertise in this field of anticorrosion industry and provides all complete range of Anticorrosive products and services. We serve various types of industries like

Chemical Industries: –
Chemical industry has an extensive variety of creation, procedures type of equipment and plants. With a specific end goal to prevent a highly corrosive environment in the chemical industry. Zeochem anticorr create and export a most astounding quality corrosive safe alkali resistant products that client can depend on. Our product can easily withstand warm and mechanical loads in chemical industries where Alkali Proof Bricks & Tiles are present.

Petrochemical: –
Zeochem Anticorr acid resistant brick lining with acid proof bricks and mortars in modern plants and procedure in petrochemical industries Zeochem anticorr manufacture extensive variety of customized shape of acid resistant masonry. Our alkali/acid resistant are designed and manufacture in such a way that protects petrochemical industry requirement of corrosion protection in various application.

Iron and steel Industry: –
Zeochem Anticorr manufactured high quality of Acid resistant lining for pickling & galvanizing tanks & Acid regeneration areas and also to protect industrial equipment and floors in Iron and steel Industry. Various areas of application like Anti-corrosive bricks/ tiles, Acid brick lining, Alkali Brick lining, acid/ alkali Resistant brick.

Cement Industry: –
Cement industry depends on Zeochem Anticorr corrosion resistant tiles and bricks because of demonstrated quality items. Our blocks and tiles have demonstrated and withstand high load significant lot of times with enhancing life of process floors and types of gears. Zeochem Anticorr supplied Acid resistant tiles and bricks for cement industry to following industries.
==> Ambuja cement Ltd.

Pulp & Paper Industry: –
Pulp & paper Industry have confidence on Zeochem Anticorr bricks and tiles to protect against corrosion area of application.

Automboile: –
we serve to Automobile industries as heavy duty flooring for production and processing zone, acid resistant flooring for plating, Heat treatment furnaces, Fire retardant coating for electrical cables, Gas oil pipes & fire areas.

Non-Ferrous metal: –
Zeochem Anticorr offers various refractory lining for all types of Furnace and heating equipment, acid resistant lining, high performance graphite products for melting and coating insulation for pipelines, high heat areas, Protection against electrical cables, Gas/oil pipes & Fire Prone areas.

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